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As Film Makers, it is our professional duty to inform the client about all stages of productions and take care of all aspects that we are designated to. Depending on each project, the client will be made aware of all costs and challenges, as well as realistic time frames for completions.

By deploying a variety of cinematic techniques we uncover a richer human depth, and utilize perspective and framing to tell a story that will only improve with time. All accomplished with a relaxed intelligence and light-footed presence that puts our clients at ease, allowing them to more fully inhabit the big moments in their lives.

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Developing Scripts

Planing Budgets

Booking Locations

Hiring Crew

Casting Talents


Lightning Requirements

Framing & Composition


B-Roll shooting



Sound Effects

Visual Effects

Audio Mastering

Voice Over recording & processing


Producing relevant imagery

Using appropriate distribution channels

Targeting the audience

Test screenings


Showing off

As we were growing older and wiser over the years, we had many opportunities that came knocking us out of our comfort zone right into the chaotic fast-paced environment of corporate businesses, televisions and the urban jungles of marketing agencies. Now, we can finally take pride and glory in our work, as in the last 10 years we’ve produced materials for clients such as MTV, Lee Cooper, Santa Barbara Outfitters, KARE and even produced our own short films.

In the United Kingdom, we have produced over 400+ videos for famous beauty brands, such as Nouveau Contour, Nouveau Lashes, Nouveau Skin Therapy, K.B Pro, Karen Betts Professional and HD Brows.

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